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Who are we?

Queensland Young Lawyers (QYL) is an independent not-for-profit association dedicated to encouraging and supporting the personal and professional development of young lawyers and barristers in Queensland.

We are a vibrant and energetic association that endeavours to serve its members by organising regular social, networking and career development events.

QYL is managed by a committee of member volunteers and operates pursuant to a written constitution. The committee meets monthly to discuss issues facing young lawyers, plan upcoming events and develop communications for members and our broader contact group.

Who can Join QYL?

Membership is open to legal practitioners and barristers admitted in Queensland who are:

  • in their first five years of practice; or 
  • under 36 years of age.

Membership is also open to Queensland based law students, law graduates and trainee lawyers not yet admitted.

How can I get involved?

Step 1: Become a member

The best way to get involved with QYL is to become a member - see our membership tab for pricing and application details. 

Step 2: Join the committee

Formal applications to join the committee can be made in or around September each year at QYL's AGM. 

Why should I join QYL?

There are so many benefits involved through membership of QYL.

For those starting out the in profession, membership of QYL puts you in touch with hundreds of other people in the same position (as well as a range of more senior practitioners). This not only helps you build your professional network quickly but also gives you access to a great support network.

QYL also has strong working relationships with other young professional groups including the Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Queensland branch of Young Engineers Australia - which provides opportunities for members to network with other young professionals outside of the legal industry. 

In addition to helping you meet other like minded people and keeping in touch with what is significantly in the profession, membership gives you access to significantly discounted tickets to our regular events (we usually have something on every 6 weeks) and also special offers from our sponsors

   2021 QYL Committee


        Executive Committee: 

  • President: Megan Dudley, Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers
  • Vice-President: Helen Driscoll, McInnes Wilson Lawyers
  • Treasurer: Lysette Yates, BTLawyers
  • Secretary: Mitchell Page, Barry.Nilsson Lawyers
  • AYLC Representative: Stephanie Forward-Smith, Rouse Lawyers 

       Committee Members: 

  • Alysa Bucknall, Barry.Nilsson Lawyers 
  • Christiane Mullins, Office of Family and Child Official Solicitors 
  • Courtney Brown, South Geldard Lawyers
  • Emma Blay, Barry.Nilsson Lawyers 
  • Hannah Daley, Naughton McCarthy 
  • James Pratt, Mullins Lawyers
  • Katarine Kyle, Australian Family Lawyers 
  • Kate Witt, Holman Webb Lawyers
  • Kiarah Kelly, Brisbane Family Law Centre
  • Krystal Harlen, Jeddart Chambers
  • Laura Wainwright, Hirst & Co
  • Michael Webster, McCullough Robertson Lawyers
  • Stacey Ward, Australian Family Lawyers
  • Will Macintosh, 35 West Chambers


Email: queenslandyounglawyers@gmail.com

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